Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Andrew Thornton's Frenzied Motion Kit reveal

This kit was SOO colorful! It was Andrew's representation of a frenzied dance club with the lights and sounds and feelings, welcome to Frenzied Motion Challenge Reveal!

I was outside in the yard one day and noticed that all our dog's toys have that same color scheme...

Sooooo, I snapped a pic and did some filter and photo booth magic...

Then I used the same filter and photo booth magic on a picture of the bracelet I made for the Frenzied Motion Challege...

So without further ado... My memory wire Frenzied Motion bracelet!

I found some beautiful blown glass Sue Beads that have a pixie dust finish on them and used all sorts of goodies from the kit. It is a very fun bracelet to wear.

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  1. You crazy dog lady! What fun you had indeed. Like the filters and your inspiration and love that you used memory wire!!! Great job

  2. Fun photo effects! I love making memory wire bracelets and yours are super cute!

  3. This does look like it would be great fun to wear. As I see each piece made the this kit, I am loving the colors more and more. Your photos are fun too!

  4. What a lush bracelet! I love all the layers and how you've pulled all the pieces together and really utilized the kit! The additions of the SueBeads is perfection! I'm glad you had fun with the kit! The images you created were really fun and it is always nice to see someone play with non-jewelry things when they approach the kit. Good job as always! Thanks so much for playing along!

  5. Great photo-journal of your design process! I felt like I was in a disco or fun-house :D I love the bracelet. It incorporates all the color and fun of the theme!

  6. Great photo-journal of your design process! I felt like I was in a disco or fun-house :D Your bracelet incorporates all the color and fun of the theme.


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