Monday, February 22, 2016

Sarajo's Honey-Do Challenge: February Reveal

Hello and thanks for looking! This is the reveal for the Honey-Do Challenge from Sarajo's Blog. You can read all about her challenge here... Honey-Do Challenge.

Here is February's Challenge: Use this photo of his as a starting point...

I struggled with this one a bit. While the photo is very vibrant and seemingly colorful, the palette is very muted and comprised of only oranges and greens. These are two colors that I am very uncomfortable with together. So until I found the perfect beads, I was stumped. THEN I was digging through my stash and found these amazing little stone briolettes in the perfect color way AND then I found the flower artisan pendant I was hording from a destash of somesort. Sorry, cant remember who made it.

So here's my Honey Do Piece !

Thanks Sarajo for letting us play along!

Here's the list of participants, be sure to hop along with us!

Gloria Allen
Terry Jeanette Carter
Jenny Kyrlach
Kathy Lindemer
Laurel Ross
Jeanne Marie Steck

Sarajo Wentling OUR HOST!!



  1. Your necklace is really pretty. You conquered your fear of orange and green well!

  2. Great job on this one! You succeeded in using these colors together!

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    1. Oops, I don't know how this works yet. Eric's comment come across twice so I tired to delete the second one. This is what happened.

  4. Thanks for playing along, Alison! I love that you broke out of your color comfort zone for this one. Personally, I'm a big fan of orange mixed with greens or, alternatively, turquoise/teal. Great job with the gentle asymmetry and on pulling in the creamy tones from the palette!

  5. I too was challenged with these colors, as I don't use them a whole lot. Your piece is GORGEOUS!!!

  6. Your necklace is beautiful! I love that focal bead, and I think you did a fantastic job incorporating the colors. Wonderful work! :)

  7. Love your piece the focal and natural gemstones are just Mahvolus dahling!!