Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Halcraft Pretty Palettes March Reveal

Well this is it! My big reveal!

This month I was asked to play along with Erin P-H for the March Pretty Palettes Design Challenge. When she contacted me she asked me to choose from the following: Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, or Emerald Green. I chose SAPPHIRE BLUE.

Also, she asked me the following questions:

1 :: What unexpected place do your find inspiration for your designs?

2 :: If you were told you could only use ONE bead (any type, color, size, shape, material, etc) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

3 :: What is your favorite Halcraft bead (from those I sent or from all available)?

SO, now you're curious and want to know how this challenge works, right?!?! Each month Erin posts an inspirational photo. This could be from an idea, holiday colors, painting, fabric, wedding colors, travel photo, or color palette photo of whatever she finds inspirational. Then, she takes her photo with her while she shops for the perfect Halcraft beads at Michaels. She sends a lucky jewelry designer the same beads and they show off their separate designs at the end of the month. PLUS anyone can play along and post their designs with inLinkz. You can play along by using any components from any of Halcraft's lines sold at Michaels, Joann’s, and Hancock that suit the palette.

This month Erin was inspired by the Academy Awards AND by the photography of Mark Mawson. Here is the SAPPHIRE BLUE photo inspiration she found.

Embed from Getty Images

Here are the jewels she sent me...


Since Erin was inspired by the Academy Awards, I started looking at Red Carpet photos. I searched and found this photo of award winner Brie Larson in a custom made Gucci dress that is reminiscent of the blue dress photo that Erin found!! So I set out to create a custom made, one-of-a-kind necklace that Brie could wear the next time she wears this gown.;-)

I tend toward silk, linen, and leather for my designs so I tried to keep to my style and used silk thread and knotted the beads on a looooong over the head necklace with not just one, but two! pendants!
Wait! I've had sooo much fun I forgot to answer Erin's questions! So... Here are my answers:

1) books! I am in a creative book club where we make something Inspired By Reading a different book every month. And I also listen to additional books on cd in the car and find myself making projects for them as well!

2) large hole beads! I love the versatility of them... being able to use all kinds of stringing material... using them horizontal or vertical or as dangles or connectors

3) those teardrops! I used them as a dangle AND AS BEADS!

Okay okay I'll get on with the reveal ...
Have I mentioned how difficult it is to photograph 1) looooong necklaces and 2) crystals. .??? So I took the liberty of taking a few different photos of my necklace.
And here is me wearing the blue gown and the crystal knotted necklace...


"I'd like to thank Erin Prais-Hintz for sponsoring this challenge. Without her blog posts at Halcraft, THIS blog post would not have been possible. I'd like to thank Michaels for carrying Bead Gallery beads, without them, well you know the rest

*farwell music playing*

Oh, please stop by her post at Halcraft to see the inLinkz of everyone else who played along this month.

Thank you!!"



Art Jewelry Elements March Challenge

Hello! This is my first time to participate in the AJE Challenge. Every month they pick an Art Bead component or bead or theme and blog about it. Then at the end of the month there is a reveal for anyone to play along.

This month the Eyes have it! It's the Eyeds of March, if you will. Eye-eye captain!

I am a slight hoarder of Greengirl Studios and there is ALWAYS an eye floating around in my stash somewhere. Plus I found a Golem Studios lentil that reminds me of an eye. And just in case I needed a self made bead for the challenge, I found a polymer clay bead I made at a Heather Powers retreat. All this I fashioned into a Lorelei Eurto style bracelet. I am soo thankful she posted these in A beading magazine! This style is how I make back some $$$ to keep up this hobby of mine.


Thanks for looking! Follow along at http://artjewelryelements.blogspot.com

Here are the links for everyone that played along with this challenge

Friday, March 25, 2016

ABS February continued...

My hand made paper beads finally came! What a disappointment though. I will now remember to read the fine print that tells the size of beads! I thought I was getting 1.5 inch beads when instead they are 1.5 cm beads! Ugh! Metric system = European. Italy = in Europe. Duh! I should have known better!
Remember, here is the Art Bead Scene Blog: February Monthly Challenge Recap
Here is the cover of Vogue from 1920's. Plenty of Art Deco and Roaring 20's inspiration!

I worked with the tiny beads and made this fun flapperesque roaring 20's necklace. I used the handmade rolled beads and the handmade pendant. The navy bow tie shape are vintage lucite beads from Allegory Gallery. I found some small bicones both wooden and Swarovski crystal in my stash. The red rounds are ceramic from Michael's. The other small blue druks and rondells are also from Allegory Gallery.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sarajo's Honey-Do Challenge

This month Eric chose for the HoneyDo challenge black and white photos. Here's the original post by Sarajo. http://sjdesignsjewelry.blogspot.com/2016/03/march-2016-inspiration-for-honey-do-list.html

I thought I would take advantage of all shapes and textures that beads can come in while I stick to black and white. I had these high gloss sticks that look like tubes of black lipstick (from a Beadfest I think). Then I found the matte white stones that are cut diagonally. I added some polymer pinwheels I found at Michaels to complete my unconventional look.

Hop along with others at her reveal http://sjdesignsjewelry.blogspot.com/2016/03/the-honey-do-list-march-2016.html


Monday, March 14, 2016

Allegory Gallery Design Challenge

Green Meadow Song kit was not my flavor, but then I found these purple and green flowers and head pins from my art bead stash!

And I made a cool necklace with some amethyst rounds.

Andrew! I used a sequin!
So, NOW I am having fun with this green!
Next I added some yellow-green chips and some Unicorn Glass bead drops for this eclectic necklace with Andrew's Mystery Component as the focal.


Check out the Facebook page for the most up to date news and pictures for Allegory Gallery's Design Challenges.



Monday, March 7, 2016

Art Bead Scene: March Challenge

Here is the beautiful painting for the March Inspiration. To read about it click Art Bead Scene Blog: March Monthly Challenge.

I was immediately taken back to my Grandmothers home when I was a child. I can see the pussywillows on the dining room table with her tea cup sitting out. She insisted to always drink out of a China tea cup and never a mug. So I knew I wanted to do something with pearls, to represent my grandmother. But what Art bead?... These were in my suggestions in etsy that first week. I HAD to have them.
These are from

Indian Creek's shop on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/outwest
When my beads came, there was a gift from the artist! Two lampwork beads that look just like the catkins of the pussywillow. They are the perfect shade of blue/grey and have a fuzzy texture to them! Without further ado...

Here is the link for my finished February ABS project! My hand made beads finally came from Italy...

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thanks Erin!

I would like to thank Erin Prais-Hintz for asking me to play along with her this month as her Pretty Palettes Partner! This month the inspiration is multilayered! Check out the Halcraft blog!
The first layer to the cake is the Acadamy Awards and Jewels and Gowns. Which led her to the photos of Mark Mawson. His water photos are amazing!

 Well... she couldn't decide which photo to go with so she had me choose colors (without knowing about the photos or dresses). I chose sapphire blue! and here are my jewels that she is sending me to work with...

SO, the final layer of the cake is everyone can choose from the red, blue, or green "liquid" dresses as inspiration OR any actress from the red carpet and design for her look!
Stop back the end of March to see what we all have created!