Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Halcraft Pretty Palettes March Reveal

Well this is it! My big reveal!

This month I was asked to play along with Erin P-H for the March Pretty Palettes Design Challenge. When she contacted me she asked me to choose from the following: Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, or Emerald Green. I chose SAPPHIRE BLUE.

Also, she asked me the following questions:

1 :: What unexpected place do your find inspiration for your designs?

2 :: If you were told you could only use ONE bead (any type, color, size, shape, material, etc) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

3 :: What is your favorite Halcraft bead (from those I sent or from all available)?

SO, now you're curious and want to know how this challenge works, right?!?! Each month Erin posts an inspirational photo. This could be from an idea, holiday colors, painting, fabric, wedding colors, travel photo, or color palette photo of whatever she finds inspirational. Then, she takes her photo with her while she shops for the perfect Halcraft beads at Michaels. She sends a lucky jewelry designer the same beads and they show off their separate designs at the end of the month. PLUS anyone can play along and post their designs with inLinkz. You can play along by using any components from any of Halcraft's lines sold at Michaels, Joann’s, and Hancock that suit the palette.

This month Erin was inspired by the Academy Awards AND by the photography of Mark Mawson. Here is the SAPPHIRE BLUE photo inspiration she found.

Embed from Getty Images

Here are the jewels she sent me...


Since Erin was inspired by the Academy Awards, I started looking at Red Carpet photos. I searched and found this photo of award winner Brie Larson in a custom made Gucci dress that is reminiscent of the blue dress photo that Erin found!! So I set out to create a custom made, one-of-a-kind necklace that Brie could wear the next time she wears this gown.;-)

I tend toward silk, linen, and leather for my designs so I tried to keep to my style and used silk thread and knotted the beads on a looooong over the head necklace with not just one, but two! pendants!
Wait! I've had sooo much fun I forgot to answer Erin's questions! So... Here are my answers:

1) books! I am in a creative book club where we make something Inspired By Reading a different book every month. And I also listen to additional books on cd in the car and find myself making projects for them as well!

2) large hole beads! I love the versatility of them... being able to use all kinds of stringing material... using them horizontal or vertical or as dangles or connectors

3) those teardrops! I used them as a dangle AND AS BEADS!

Okay okay I'll get on with the reveal ...
Have I mentioned how difficult it is to photograph 1) looooong necklaces and 2) crystals. .??? So I took the liberty of taking a few different photos of my necklace.
And here is me wearing the blue gown and the crystal knotted necklace...


"I'd like to thank Erin Prais-Hintz for sponsoring this challenge. Without her blog posts at Halcraft, THIS blog post would not have been possible. I'd like to thank Michaels for carrying Bead Gallery beads, without them, well you know the rest

*farwell music playing*

Oh, please stop by her post at Halcraft to see the inLinkz of everyone else who played along this month.

Thank you!!"




  1. Whoohooo! I love, LOVE the way you combined those two different rhinestone pendants. I think it would be spectacular for some starlet like Brie to wear an up and coming designers work instead of the usual, expected dripping diamonds. What a great dress she has and it really does look like a more wearable version of the inspiration! Your 'acceptance speech' is perfectly clever....but what made me really laugh was you 'wearing' the jewels! So fun! Thanks for being my willing and avid partner this month! I best get thinking on the next inspiration! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. Alison, this necklace is so pretty! Thank you for playing along! The combo of crystal and that vivid blue is becoming my favorite. If I had an event to which to wear something fancy, I think I'd head in this direction. :)
    You're completely right about photographing both crystals and long necklaces. It's a challenge to make them look swirled up but not messy. I had the same issue with my own necklace for this challenge!
    You did wonderfully and all counts!

  3. That is so clever how you made two focals! If Brie is going to dress up, she might as well DRESS UP! I also liked the picture of you wearing the necklace. Funny!


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