Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thanks Erin!

I would like to thank Erin Prais-Hintz for asking me to play along with her this month as her Pretty Palettes Partner! This month the inspiration is multilayered! Check out the Halcraft blog!
The first layer to the cake is the Acadamy Awards and Jewels and Gowns. Which led her to the photos of Mark Mawson. His water photos are amazing!

 Well... she couldn't decide which photo to go with so she had me choose colors (without knowing about the photos or dresses). I chose sapphire blue! and here are my jewels that she is sending me to work with...

SO, the final layer of the cake is everyone can choose from the red, blue, or green "liquid" dresses as inspiration OR any actress from the red carpet and design for her look!
Stop back the end of March to see what we all have created!

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