Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Halcraft Pretty Palette April

This month's Pretty Palette was based more on an idea than a thing. The idea of WabiSabi.

Erin picked out some rusty and worn gears and metal parts as inspiration and used them as the basis for the color palette of copper and turquoise. I found my beads this month at Joann's under the Bliss Beads label by Halcraft. I started with the same color palette. But I wasn't happy...

... I needed more red and orange to show the rust and decay. I really liked the photo in the above quote and used that as my inspiration. So I added some more beads from Michaels and some from my local bead shop, Allegory Gallery. I still wasn't happy, I needed something old or rusty or crusty itself... Then I found an etsy destash of Art beads which included some rustic Inviciti charms with wonderful aging. Then everything fell into place.
The polymer clay rounds are made by Andrew Thornton.
I love the asymmetrical feel of two different pendants but the same image.

The photos are taken on a 30 year old wooden chair that my father-in-law made for my husband. It's a re-creation of the chairs that were at the public pool of our town. My husband and I grew up swimming almost daily at the pool in the summer. The chair has been outside in the elements 365 days a year. The chair is worn and weathered and rusty and creaking but it still works. When you sit you are transported to a simpler time.

I sit on it everyday to have my coffee in the morning, outside with my dogs.

This is my Wabi-Sabi.



  1. Love the charms you found! They're absolutely perfect for your wabi sabi necklace. Sometimes you just need to find that one special element to really pull a piece together and take it to the next level. It's a good thing most beaders like to shop. :)

  2. Bam! You nailed it, Miss Alison! I love the addition of those awesome charms from Inviciti! I haven't shopped there yet, but I know it will be dangerous! I love the deep russet red paired with the touch of turquoise. This has a very ancient/modern vibe. Very special! Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. I love how you combined so many different elements - wood, metal, glass, polymer - in your necklace. And the charms are wonderful! Great chair, too! Living the wabi-sabi life!


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