Thursday, June 30, 2016

Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month Reveal

Summer! Thats the theme of this months AJE CoM! AND we got to pick our own components!
Here's some wild strawberries that grow along my fence, when they ripen I know summer has arrived.

I knew right away I would use my strawberry Jade Scott (retired) pendant. I wanted to portray the ripe and unripe berries, the little white flowers and the vines the they grow on. So I made a necklace with red leather and green linen. I found a Julie Miller Glass green glass bead and a Bo Hulley red ceramic bead. The white flowers are czech glass.

The red glass bead was from a destash event and I can't remember the artist.

Here's a picture of my bike. THIS means summer to me! I need to get back in shape and start riding again! But, then when will I bead? Decisions.

How about this cutie bike bracelet bar by Suzie Q Beads! There is the faintest green in the glaze that reminded me of my bike.

Thanks everyone at Art Jewelry Elements for inviting any one to play this month! 
Check out the reveal on the blog Art Jewelry Elements.
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Halcraft Pretty Palette June Reveal

 This month Erin from Halcraft picked The Beach as a general color palette for June's Pretty Palette.
Here are the beads she choose this month. They are very beach themed and ocean colored.
Here are the beads I choose from Bead Gallery. I picked two strands from Erins choices and split them with Laurel to play along. I then picked those adorable turtle tiles and multi metal spacers to go along with my half of the Challenge beads.

Well, I really had fun with this one! I love the color way and I love mixing metals! I had grand ideas of MULTI strand seed beads at the bottom, but I have the attention span of a two year old, so I made two and moved on! I had some leather and stringing wire in the perfect colors! The little shell button made the best closure, but I didn't need one because it is long enough to go over my head, so I used it as decoration.

 I've been hoarding those turquoise sequins from Bead Gallery for a while and this seemed the perfect time to use them. It adds to the beachy vibe, and the necklace makes me think of Hawaiian Islands!

Happy Blog Hopping! Check out Halcraft Pretty Palette Challenge and see what everyone made for The Beach themed challenge!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Art Bead Scene June Reveal

I just loved this color palette for this month's Art Bead Scene Challenge. It seemed very fresh and light and I found the perfect beads on Etsy to represent the yellow roses. The shop name is Ordinary Women and she has some nice polymer clay beads.
I also had some Czech Glass in the turquoisey color of her dress and some perfect thorn beads. I used some chips of adventurine(?) to mimic her braids and I found in my stash a Diane Hawkey word bead that summed up the whole feeling... Harmony. I love the symbolism of roses and thorns and how they live in harmony with each other.  

Thanks for looking and check out the ART BEAD SCENE blog for more!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Non-Challenge Pieces

This first piece was intended to be submitted to a magazine, but I missed the cut off. It was for the theme A Winter Woods. The pendant is from White Swan Studios here in PA with a Green Girl Studios clasp.

I don't normally photo on white background, but for the submission you are supposed to. My problem with submitting items is just like Beadlove said, I don't remember (or even know) where I got most of my beads! ((Thanks to Andrew Thornton's and many other destash pages!))

This next piece came together on its own ;-) as soon as I saw the pendant from Summer Wind.

This next tribally necklace ALSO put itself together. ;-) It is comprised of an entire de-stash bag from Andrew Thornton! In the bag was the faux Amber, the dyed coral sticks, the Golem Studios lentil, and the red glass dangle. I added some red and yellow to bring out the lentil and some wood and brass to bring it all together!

This past week I seemed to have fallen down the proverbial rabbit hole of time and space and crazy. This one week will be remembered (sadly) for all my life. I wanted something happy to remember, not sad, so while doing some retail therapy I stumbled upon some de-stash lots. Lots and lots of lots. These lots were Alice in Wonderland themed pendants from Jade Scott (retired). As the week progressed, the pendants seemed more and more fitting to use to commemorate the week. Without further ado...

Thanks for blogging with me check back later this month for all the Challenge reveals!


Sarajo's Honey Do List Reveal

I just love that Eric posts challenges for Sarajo and invites us all to play along! Check out their blogs here... Eric W and Sarajo W.

Eric took this picture of a koi pond with the sky reflected and a shadow of a fern over a beautiful koi fish.

Well, as soon as I saw Koi, I knew I was going to use one of my Keysha Koy glass beads! I have a small stash of them and one in the perfect sky blue. So then to find the orange... Enter Dakota Stone trunk show at Allegory Gallery with some sweet orange sodalite. I just so happened to have the silver fern fronds and some bumpy spacers in my stash. I'm not sure the stone, but the orange and white faceted rounds are a perfect imitation of the scales if the koi. WOW I loved this challenge! Check out my 'artsy' photo...

Here's a normal picture with the wood background that I always use...

And a close up of the Koy focal...

Thanks again, Sarajo and Eric! Check out everyone else's submissions on Sarajo's blog after they are posted on June 26. I'm a tad early in posting, but I was super excited and couldn't wait!

Thursday, June 2, 2016