Sunday, June 19, 2016

Non-Challenge Pieces

This first piece was intended to be submitted to a magazine, but I missed the cut off. It was for the theme A Winter Woods. The pendant is from White Swan Studios here in PA with a Green Girl Studios clasp.

I don't normally photo on white background, but for the submission you are supposed to. My problem with submitting items is just like Beadlove said, I don't remember (or even know) where I got most of my beads! ((Thanks to Andrew Thornton's and many other destash pages!))

This next piece came together on its own ;-) as soon as I saw the pendant from Summer Wind.

This next tribally necklace ALSO put itself together. ;-) It is comprised of an entire de-stash bag from Andrew Thornton! In the bag was the faux Amber, the dyed coral sticks, the Golem Studios lentil, and the red glass dangle. I added some red and yellow to bring out the lentil and some wood and brass to bring it all together!

This past week I seemed to have fallen down the proverbial rabbit hole of time and space and crazy. This one week will be remembered (sadly) for all my life. I wanted something happy to remember, not sad, so while doing some retail therapy I stumbled upon some de-stash lots. Lots and lots of lots. These lots were Alice in Wonderland themed pendants from Jade Scott (retired). As the week progressed, the pendants seemed more and more fitting to use to commemorate the week. Without further ado...

Thanks for blogging with me check back later this month for all the Challenge reveals!



  1. I love the black and yellow necklace the best.

  2. Just when I thought, wow, I really love the tribal necklace, I saw the rabbit whole necklace. LOVE!

  3. Just when I thought, wow, I really love the tribal necklace, I saw the rabbit whole necklace. LOVE!

  4. I love every one of these necklaces! It's fun to see what you make when not involved in a challenge. Great stuff!

  5. What beautiful pieces! That tribal necklace is just delicious.

  6. Lovely pieces all, Alison! I'm sorry you missed the deadline as it really fits the theme... next time! You can do it! That necklace with the Summer Wind pendant is so striking and happy! And I love your Alice themed piece... just sorry that you've had such a terrible time. Hugs and love!

  7. I love seeing all your creative jewelry designs - those destashes seem to be your ticket to creativity!!!


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