Sunday, July 24, 2016

Art Bead Scene July

This month, for Art Bead Scene, the inspiration was a Japanese woodblock print of fireworks over Sumida River, with Ryogkoku Bridge in the foreground. I found a couple different prints from the same woodblock to show how enormously difference each print can be.  I think this first picture is colorized as well.

Here's the one Erin from Art Bead Scene picked...

I love that Andrew Thornton has a pendant to fit almost every one of my challenges! This is one that reminds me of fireworks.  I also have a little stash of Julie Miller Glass little glass roundels and I had two in the same shade of redish orange. I had some orphan glass disks from Outwest Glass which both fit the color scheme perfectly. From my stash I had some carved something-or-another in the blue/green/grey shade and I rounded it all out with some blue dumortierite and opal.
As always, I really enjoy this challenge! Thanks Art Bead Scene!


  1. I love the pendant you picked out! Lucky you having easy access to pick one of Andrew's lovelies out as needed. :) Thanks for sharing the other versions of the print... really fun to see. My personal preference is for some of the brighter ones, but you did a wonderful job pulling together elements that worked for the one Erin picked!

  2. I just love this necklace! You did a wonderful job with it and yes, Andrew's pendant is perfect.


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