Friday, August 26, 2016

Pretty Palettes August Reveal

Welcome to my reveal for the Pretty Palettes from Halcraft Beads. Every month I try to make something with Halcraft beads, either from Bead Gallery or the line that Joanne's carries. 
This month the inspiration was berry colors! Thanks to Erin Prais-Hintz for picking such fun inspiration palettes. 
And for some "The More You Know"... blueberries are the only naturally occurring blue food. 
If you would like a long drawn out argument, go ahead and Google it... but FOR THE MOST part,
Blueberries are the only naturally occurring blue food.
(Blue Corn, Purple Potatoes, and Red Cabbage are all MORE purple than blue)

Here are the beads Erin P-H chose for herself and her partner this month...

Here are the beads I choose... I took them off the tags and I always forget to take a picture...

Here's my wrap bracelet I made with them. I got all the same size rounds and used leather and silk with a Saki Silver button.

Thanks for playing along... Check out what everyone else made by CLICKING HERE and going the post! Thanks again to the Halcraft Team for hosting this.


  1. A wrap bracelet--how cute! Round beads are perfect for that ... why didn't I think of it? :)

  2. Great bracelet! I haven't tried a wrap bracelet yet, maybe I'll use the rest of the beads for that.

  3. I have always wanted to make a bracelet like that! These rounds are perfect! I like how they are not all the same color, but the size makes them all work so well. Thanks for playing! Check back today for the next inspiration! Enjoy the day. erin


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