Thursday, July 13, 2017

ArtBead Scene: July

Tiger in a Tropical Storm

Henri Rousseau


I had a lot of fun with this color palette and theme. There is so much movement in the painting with the grasses and the rainy stormy sky. I wanted to try to pick up on those two features, so the first necklace represents the rain and the second the grasses.
For this first necklace I knew I wanted to use the Jade Scott (retired) pendant so I combined it with three ceramic art beads in the funky yellow-green shade that I acquired through a destash. Unfortunately I do not know the artist, so if you recognize them, please let me know! I added a polymer rose from Beady Eyed Bunny, these roses seem to be her specialty and they are perfect little works of art! It's hard to tell, but the left side has two strands, one is the drop seed beads and under that is a strand of tiny peridot chips. Together these two strands represent the rain and the huge blue/green swirl bead represents the stormy sky.

The next necklace was super fun to make! There are sooo many art beads, too. The clasp is Saki Silver. Then comes chicklet beads from SueBeads. The pendant is made with three Gaea ceramic pieces and I hung them with Wooly Wire. And I finished it off with a tin snippet component from Lorelei. While I gave myself some ( a lot ) of latitude with the raccoon pendant I used instead of a tiger... I stayed on course and used a few things to represent all the grasses. There's the tin snippet with leaves, the glass leaves, and the ceramic leaf AS WELL AS the tassel! My favorite part about this piece is that of all the shades of green, there is no two alike. Just like the shades of green in the grasses and leaves of the painting.

Here's a closer look at all of the artisan components...

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