Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Halcraft Pretty Palattes: February Reveal

Thanks to Erin and Halcraft and Bead Gallery Beads for this awesome challenge! 
Here is the photo that Erin picked for this months challenge… Awesome fish-eye view picture of the milky way galaxy from New Zealand!...
A Sky Portal in New Zealand 
Image Credit & Copyright: Petr Horálek
Explanation (from 
To some, it may look like a portal into the distant universe. To others, it may appear as the eye of a giant. Given poetic license, both are correct. Pictured above is a standard fisheye view of the sky — but with an unusual projection. The view is from a perch in New Zealand called Te Mata Peak, a name that translates from the Maori language as “Sleeping Giant”. The wondrous panorama shows the band of our Milky Way Galaxy right down the center of the sky, with the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds visible to the right. The red hue is atmospheric airglow that surprised the photographer as it was better captured by the camera than the eye. The above image was taken two weeks ago as the photographer’s sister, on the left, and an acquaintance peered into the sky portal.

Here are the beads she picked out...

I was able to get the same ones at Michael's and split them with Laurel Ross...

I finished up my project on February 20th and was outside that evening and took this cell phone picture of the sliver moon and a VERY bright planet/star and a dimmer, but still visible to the naked eye planet/star… I googled and here's what I found out...
Friday, February 20
Venus, the thin crescent Moon, and little Mars form a tight bunch in the west-southwest during and after dusk. They fit in a circle just 2° across at the times of dusk for most of North America. Think photo opportunities! See our article, Venus and Mars Pair Tightly at Dusk.
- See more at:
so without further ado, here's my creation...
I used all the Bead Gallery beads at least a few times. I knotted on silk and added some Mookaite Jasper whose colors REALLY made the yellow in the amethyst beads POP! I made my 'milky way' tassel with seed beads and the beads from the challenge and a copper bead cap from Allegory Gallery. 

Thanks for looking and check out what others did at


  1. Awesome Milky Way tassel! I love your interpretation Miss Alison. And I love the photo of the sliver of a moon. That one is my favorite moon of all. Thank you for playing with me in the Pretty Palettes for Halcraft. Watch for the next inspiration on March 4th! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Tassel necklaces are so fun to make and wear! Yours makes me think of shooting stars. : )

  3. This is such a pretty necklace. I love this color palette, and I'm loving the tassel!

  4. Lovely cosmic necklace.... the tassel definitely adds the right touch!

  5. YES! Another tassel. I'm loving tassels so much lately. The addition of the touches of yellow makes a huge difference and really livens up this necklace that would have so much great movement when worn, I bet. Mookite is the perfect choice. Thanks for playing along!

  6. What a great night sky picture! I was lucky enough to see it too! Isn't that funny? How when you see something in the sky, it feels like only you have seen it and then, you find out that others have, and there's no diminishing that original sensation, but replaced with such a nice sense of connectivity to the universe and others. And I love your necklace! It has such a nice drape to it. I admire the knotting so much. It pulls together the eclectic mix of beads. And that tassel is fun and eye-catching! Nicely done, yo!

  7. I love tassels and love that you added one to your design very pretty necklace .


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