Thursday, August 13, 2015

Andrew Thornton's Dreaming Tree Challenge Reveal


This challenge I decided to use the chips on the strand from the kit and nothing else. So I was on a mission to find interesting ways to use chips in designs. I came across a designer on etsy, TesoroDelSol and I really loved her scalloped chip necklaces. So in her honor, I tried a smaller version.

I love finding new designers and designs while working on these challenges. Thanks to Andrew for putting these kits together!

Hop around and show some support to THESE fabulous designers...

Tammy Bowman

Gloria Allen

Michelle McCarthy - Playing with Clay

Ann Schroeder

Dolores Raml

Shaiha Williams

Andrew Thornton, Nancy Noyes-Ward, Laurel Ross, Cheryl Lee Tucker, Dawn Berkebile, and Melissa Wynne






  1. The scalloped netting looks beautiful! It is a great way to incorporate the gemstone chips and highlight the varied sizes, shapes and colors. I like the added touch of the dangles on the clasp. Very pretty!!!

  2. How gorgeous! I always have issues trying to use chips and I just love the solution you came up with.

  3. I love your necklace and can imagine how beautiful it looks on...great job with using the chips.

  4. This necklace is beautiful. It's a great design and hangs so nicely! I often feel like my necklaces are so straight up and down, and this different shape is wonderful!

  5. Oh boy! I just realized that I hopped, but never commented! Your necklace is lovely! I like the sculptural scallop shapes and how the black of the chain really acts almost as a tracery in a stained glass window, accenting and accentuating the fluorite. Nicely done! Thanks so much for participating!