Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Inspired by Reading: The Night Circus

Loved it! One of my favorite books! So much to be inspired by, as well!

I chose The Circus itself as my inspiration for my necklace. The black and white tents are portrayed by these amazing black and white bicone Czech glass beads I found at In between the tents is the black night sky plus two tiny Swarovski red crystals to represent Widget's and Poppet's bright red hair.

The Circus was all laid out in circles and the tents themselves were circular. The next picture is of the following tents recreated in bead form:

  • The white rose represents the performers OUTSIDE of the tents, one of whom is always given a rose by someone every night
  • The Illusionist - the square Swarovski representing Celia's black silk top hat
  • The Cloud Maze - the opal and white represent the layer upon layer of the clouds
  • The Hall of Mirrors - two different metallic coated square beads (plus a red crystal to represent the Reveurs)

The next picture expresses the following tents:

  • The Pool of Tears - the smooth black stones that are tossed in the pool shown in another circle
  • The Stargazer - the tent that is only open on clear nights to be able to see the stars in the sky
  • The Ice Garden - the AB Swarovski drops I Fell In Love With from Allegory Gallery represent the tent where everything is frozen in ice


Here it is all in one picture:


But wait... that's not it! Check out what these participants made with "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern in mind:

Ann Schroeder

Eric Wentling

Sarajo Wentling

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Andrew Thornton, Terri Greenawalt, Dawn Berkebile, Amy Roadman, and Laurel Ross




  1. Wow this is a serious piece! I think my favorite part is the white striped beads that make me think of the circus tents.

  2. Those black and white striped beads are such a perfect find for this book! I love how much thought you put into each "tent" in your necklace.

  3. I love how you worked so many features of the circus into your necklace and it's still so cohesive. Beautiful! I love (love!) the white and black bicones.

  4. Sheer genius, knitting together all the disparate elements into one integrated piece. The bicones are perfect.

  5. Sheer genius, knitting together all the disparate elements into one integrated piece. The bicones are perfect.

  6. I'm blown away with how much symbolism you've packed into your piece! Also, I like how you got everything to behave nicely. It's tricky sometimes to mix materials and do unusual beaded chain effects and you did marvelously! Thanks so much for participating! And thanks so much for dressing up and for all that you did at the meet-up! So much fun!