Friday, October 30, 2015

Brave Angel Kit Reveal

Andrew Thornton of The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton put out a special kit for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It was filled to the brim with all kinds of pink goodness PLUS a handmade pendant!

I missed the first kits announcement (dumb Facebook!) and luckily he put a second one together! Once I buy one, I always split with Laurel and we start our creations.

I tried something a little different and made a boot bracelet. It has an extender chain on the clasp so you can put it on skinny boots like this or the big fuzzy ugg type boots as well.

Please know that Laurel and I can personally attest to Andrew's LOVE and hard work in picking out, hand making, and putting together these kits...

  • There are big bowls of mixes SITTING AROUND that got started and NEVER FINISHED because he didn't like the way the one color popped out too much.
  • We've seen the mixes get bagged and taken apart not just once, but THREE times because the mix didn't fill ALL the bags. And it would be WRONG to just 'top off' the bags because then it wouldn't blend correctly.
  • We've seen him buy enormous amounts of beads, just to get the PERFECT one for next months kit, and just hoping the rest of the beads will sell somewhere.
  • We've seen pendant carvings that NEVER MADE IT past the carving stage because it just didn't feel right.
  • And we've seen him try new finishes only to recoat them with a different one because it JUST WASN'T RIGHT.
  • We've seen him lovingly finish 20+ pendants and THEN they still aren't JUST RIGHT and ACTUALLY get TOSSED (yes, thrown) aside.

To Andrew- Thank You for always trying new and different things to keep your pendants fresh and unique. We understand that, just like Clinique Bonus Time at the department store, sometimes the strawberry colored lipstick just isn't one's particular shade. But it's a BONUS AND IT'S A SURPRISE AND who in the heck doesn't like those two things! And just like the Clinique Bonus, we save up $ and wait and buy YOUR kit with baited breath to see the final result of ALL your hard work and creativity. But UNLIKE the Bonus Time at the department store, yours is hand crafted and each one is unique which makes it all the more special and we love it for that reason! And we know that you are a human being and we know you love to give of yourself and share your talents and we appreciate you!

Please hop to Andrew's blog, The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton, and see what others have lovingly created with some or all of Andrew's kit. There may be some auctions to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness, so keep your eye out for those.



  1. I love to think of new things to create besides necklaces, bracelets and earrings, so your boot bracelet idea is totally cool!

  2. Here Here re: Andrew's Kits, they are amazing and each one is a little box of art waiting to to happen! And I LOVE the boot bracelet - I never thought of decorating boots with beads....hmmm.

  3. I LOVE this post! I agree. The boot bracelet is cool! Makes me think I need to go and get some cute boots. Maybe DSW has been sending me a million emails for a reason...