Monday, April 25, 2016

Art Bead Scene April Challenge

It's Art Bead Scene time again! I love to participate in this challenge because it gets the visual part of my brain stimulated. I usually give Google a run for its money because I google the crap out of the artist and genre and art work. EXCEPT for this one. I can honestly say I am not at all inspired by this piece and did not want to know more. I did, however, Google to find a clearer crisper photo, and I did... This one shows nice details even her signature. This one clearly shows the differences between the beige, pink, and lilac. Also the orange and rust are more defined as well. But, the green pencil lines and circles really stand out in this one which is what I don't like about it. Oh well. I am certainly not an art critic so, what do I know! :-)
Check out the original post to find out more about the art, artist, and challenge.

What I DO know is I found the perfect art beads at Bead Fest Spring. I lucked upon them in Karen Leonardo Lampwork booth.
I also have some little clay spacers from Shipwreck Dandy when she was making polymer pieces. I am not sure if she still is, I haven't checked in a while but when I last looked she was not. They were the perfect combo of pink and lilac. The little lilac pinch beads are from Allegory Gallery and the teracotta beads are from Potomac Bead Co in Hagerstown MD.
Check these lampwork beads! They are soo fun, the look like colored chocolate rolled in crushed nuts!
Here's the polymer clay spacers, aren't they cute?
As you can see, I made a lariat style to evoke the Ladder part of the name of the piece. (Jacob's Ladder) The ring part of the lariat was from an awesome goodie bag that Michelle Mach put together for a weekend class at Allegory Gallery. In it was cool findings to promote her book Unexpected Findings. Which I have, which I love. Thanks Michelle!
Thanks to all at Art Bead Scene! Check out the inLinkz on the blog to see what everyone made this month. Also, find them on Pinterest and Facebook!



  1. OMG! That is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  2. Fantastic and how nice to have such wonderful memories with those special beads! I usually keep the pieces that I make like that, it's too hard to give up!