Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sarajo's Honey Do Challenge

Okay, I know I say this for every challenge, but this one is DEFINITELY my favorite BY FAR!

The Beer Label HoneyDo Challenge

Some background: I work in the restaurant industry. I work in a full service family restaurant. We started featuring and highlighting a craft brew or micro brew every week for cheap so people would be more likely to try these interesting brews. We have one on tap and a different one in a bottle. It worked! We upped our beer sales over the last year! Yay! I've seen lots and lots of labels, but the MOST exciting is to see what the tap handles are!

So for this challenge I used the 'just kicked' brew's tap handle, the current brew's tap handle and the 'on deck' brew's tap handle that we had at work. Here they are...

DuClaw Brewing Co of BelAir MD. Kona Brewing Co of Kailua-Kona HI. Blue Point Brewery of Patchogue NY.

Fun Right!!!

Well, I have two finished. The wizard seems easy, but I am waiting on the perfect wizard focal for him, I'll post when I find it. So here are my other two.

First up Neon Gypsy by DuClaw Brewing:

Seed bead layering necklaces with tassels are really popular classes at the bead shop Allegory Gallery where I work and play. Here I used some fun vintage plastic in neon green and yellow plus a glass art bead in the perfect colors! That art bead has been in my stash for a while and I actually got it from one of my cooks. She does macramé necklaces so we traded some big hole beads.
Doesn't the hand made tassel scream Neon Gypsy! Thanks to Zach, our resident tassel maker!


Next up Koko Brown by Kona Brewing:

Allegory Gallery always has some cool lava rock strands, so I knew I wanted to use those... Then I found some white coral chips and I had some blue cultured sea glass and wooden tube beads. The flower made some changes along the way until I found this laser cut wood flower at Allegory Gallery. Even though there is no bird on the handle, I imagine there are some in Hawaii, ;-) so I had to add a Humblebeads birdie!

The perfect navy blue beads are very hard to find! These bean shaped beads I found at Michaels and used for another challenge as well (Art Bead Scene monthly art challenge).

Thanks Eric and Sarajo for this challenge! I will be newly inspired weekly by our tap handles at work. Keep your eyes on my blog for the Blue Point wizard to make his debut.

Hop to Sarajo's page to see what everyone else created for the Beer Label HoneyDo Challenge!



  1. You rocked this challenge! The Neon necklace focal reminds me of the gypsy pendants to ward off the evil eye...perfect! And the use of wood, lava rock and glass for the Kona was spot on. Thanks for playing along.

  2. Lovely pieces! They do such a good job capturing the feel of the handle designs... Wonderful work! :)

  3. Great job using the handles as an inspiration for your color palettes.

  4. You really embraced this challenge! I love that you took inspiration from the tap handles... they really can be little works of art. Remind me to show you a picture of Eric's collection when we are there in July. Both of your necklaces are just perfect! Neon Gypsy is so vibrant and will be super fun to wear and your Koko Brown perfectly evokes a walk on a tropical beach. Thanks for playing along with us! Check back May 1st to see what Eric dreams up for next month's Honey Do List!

  5. These labels are so inspiring and you have used not only the colors but also captured the emotions they provoke!

  6. Loving the handle inspiration for your designs, very creative and that blue with the birdie is my favorite.