Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Inspired by Reading: The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake - Aimee Bender

Well, as you can imagine anything with "cake" in the title will be a fun meet up! Here's Laurel with the cake she brought...

We also had Lemon Cake with Chocolate icing!!! It was homemade by our very own Andrew Thornton, who assured us he was thinking about cute cats and kittens when he was baking it!

While I DID finish this book, it wasn't one of my favorites. Too many things left undone at the end and way too much symbolism that I didn't get. I felt the author was trying too hard at times, and I just couldn't get what she was trying to say. BUT, I did like the banter back and forth style that the main character had with the rest of the characters. She felt like a real kid and teenager by her language.

Any way, on to my project. At one point in the book, the mother calls the son a geode*, her husband a grey boulder*, and her daughter sea glass*.

*see above re: too much symbolism

Well, I wanted a piece of jewelry I would wear. Often, for bookclub projects, I too, try too hard** and I end up with a WAY over the top necklace with tons of imagery and symbols BUT I never wear it.

**see above re: author trying too hard

Recipe: Crazy Lemon Cake Necklace


  • Sea glass - faux sea glass substitute is okay
  • Geode slice - glass imitation substitute is okay
  • Boulder - tumbled gem in same color substitute is okay
  • Something to represent Mom - yellow = lemon cake
  • Something to represent Grandma - pearls of course!
  1. Attach all items together as a family
  2. Use asymmetric style to convey crazy family dynamic
  3. Use round toggle at the end to show the emptiness I felt at the end
  4. Use purple to symbolize the magical feel of the book

Check out the Facebook page to see what everyone made!

Inspired By Reading



  1. Beautiful necklace! I apparently liked the book more than you did, but on the other hand it didn't inspire me to make anything (well, it inspired me to cook, not make jewelry).

    1. I always hate it when I don't like a book, I feel as though I am hurting people's feelings that liked the book and I don't mean to!

    2. I'm a big girl, I can handle it. ;)

  2. Wonderful necklace. Love the colors and the "recipe" way you wrote about it. I guess the recipe worked because I bet you'll be wearing this one!

  3. I loved how you wrote about your necklace as a recipe! So fun and the lemon yellow and purple is an unexpectedly fabulous color combo!

  4. Pretty, representative, and very wearable! Success!

  5. Pretty, representative, and very wearable! Success!


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