Sunday, October 2, 2016

Art Jewelry Elements Reveal

The folks at AJE blog again opened up the challenge for anyone to play along. This month it was a Tree Theme! I had these Humblebeads that I'd been wanting to use, they are an acorn, and some little birdies and some branch beads. Unfortunately, I did not get done in time to post with the reveal, but please take a look at what everyone else did! What a fun challenge! It took me a while to get started because this month I was a little busy with work and crate training our new puppy, so I am glad I got one done. It all came together along with the Sarajo's Honey Do challenge... I used the same piece for both! I know, it's not exactly *illegal*, but it is not something I normally do. I love the challenges each month, they are my muse!! Next month I will be better, I promise!

Why, yes, you CAN see some pictures of my new puppy! His name is Goose.

Hahahahaha! Goose is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and he doesn't sit still.

But I managed a good picture ...


Any way, on to my piece...

Thanks for looking, be sure to check out every one else's piece on Art Jewelry Elements blog.


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  1. Goose is such a cutie!! Thanks for sharing some pics of him. :)


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