Monday, March 13, 2017

Bohemian Book Project: March 2017

Artist Michelle McCarthy of Firefly Design Studio has issued us a challenge on the Art Bead Scene blog! She picked a project from the book Bohemian Inspired Jewelry by Lorelei Eurto and Erin Siegel and asked us to make along with her. YAY! I LOVE THIS BOOK! This was one of the first books I bought from Allegory Gallery when I first started jewelry making. I was hooked immediately by Lorelei and Erin's use of Artisan beads and waxed linen. I have been using both in my jewelry designs ever since (art beads and waxed linen.... not Lorelei and Erin).
I have made quite a few projects from this book and one of them was the design that Michelle picked. So, I was excited to try the design again, a few years wiser in jewelry design. 
So first is the design by Lorelei that is called The Beach House. It is made with peanut seedbeads, rubber o-rings, leather, and wire wrapped artisan beads. With a fun toggle on the side of the necklace to show it off.

Now, here is the necklace I made in 2014. I used the rubber o-rings and leather and wire wrapping. But, I used inexpensive plastic beads and regular seedbeads instead of art beads and peanut seedbeads. All in all, I like the way it turned out being that I had only been beading a little over one year.

Now, here is the necklace I made yesterday. I used leather, peanut seedbeads, art beads that I wire wrapped and a fun toggle on the side. I did not have any rubber o-rings in my stash but I did have a thousand ( ha, ha ) of these vintage plastic rings I got from an Andrew Thornton de-stash.

The amazing art beads I used are from Stacie Louise Originals  and Mary Harding. Thank you to both of these talented artists. Be sure to check out what others have made being inspired by the book "Bohemian Inspired Jewelry"!


  1. Lovely! I didn't see this post until William shared it. You've been busy!!!!

  2. Wow, great post to see your growth. Both your necklaces are cute, but the one with art beads really pops!

  3. it's great to see how much you've developed into your own style!