Sunday, April 30, 2017

ArtBead Scene: April 2017

Matamoe or Landscape with Peacocks
Paul Gauguin
Oil On Canvas
My interpretation is with Mary Harding two hole beads and waxed linen. I used a Golem ceramic bead as the clasp. I picked these beads out of my stash because they have a different color scheme on either side and that is what struck me about the painting.... it has a very distinct cool color palette on the one side of the painting and a warm color palette on the other.
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I also made this very tribal necklace that was inspired by this painting. I had this huge amazing heart focal by Stacie Louise Smith and I used leftover beads from my stash in the same flat shape for this over the head statement piece!


  1. Until you called it out here I had somehow not noticed the cool/warm sides in the artwork. Not sure how I missed that but you certainly did a great job of bringing out the effect

  2. Very cool design! What a great idea to use two-sided beads!

  3. Way cool! Wonderful choices for this month's challenge!

  4. Great Observation, I didn't notice the duality of the color scheme before

  5. I agree with Bijoux you saw something that I only picked and chose from but you pulled it together beautifully!


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