Monday, May 15, 2017

Art Bead Scene May 2017

One word: Picasso.

I decided to emulate the shapes this time instead of the color palette because of the intensity of this cubist painting. So I used these little leftover enameled pieces from C-Koop. I grabbed them up from her sale tray at Beadfest last year. Then I found the perfect Humblebeads to complement the color and keep with the abstract cubist feel. I used a faceted clay bead from Dianne Hawkey to finish up the tassel then I knotted waxed linen for an over the head necklace.



  1. You definitely played with the more colourful parts of the artwork. I like the composition of your necklace. There's lots of interesting play on colour, texture and shapes

  2. I adore C-Koop! Beautiful statement!

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