Friday, September 28, 2018

Art Elements Challenge


Thanks to Art Elements for hosting this challenge. Here is what Caroline had to say about it "This month is the Fairy or Faerie, also known as Fae, Aos Si, Elves or Yakshas, Yōsei, and Mogwoi and many more. Around the world, each culture has it’s own version of wee folk, spirits connected to nature, some good, some bad and some indifferent. When you think of fairies, you imagine small human type creatures with wings and magical powers, but this is a romanticised version created during the Victorian age."
I wanted my design to be light and airy and etherial.
I wanted to use Green Girl Studio fairies, they make the BEST fairy designs.
That's when I remembered this necklace that Cynthia Thornton made....
See the source image
So I decided I would learn a new skill and learn to crochet. Only I don't own a crochet needle, so I learnt how to finger crochet! Very fun and easy to learn!

I also like to paint Kindness Rocks, so I made a fairy house rock and hid it for someone to find and hopefully love!

I did not make any special purchases for this challenge, I actually had these Green Girl Charms. One is a baby potato fairy (you can't see his wings), one is flying fairy and the dragon which I've been saving for the perfect design!

This is a blog hop, so hop around and spread some love! And join us next month!

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  1. Well done on learning a new skill! I love the painted rock :D

  2. I love your idea of Kindness Rocks, where do you place them? Do you put a note with them? I've heard of it done with books. My Faery challenge post shows a couple of rocks that my kids painted around 12 years ago. I think you just inspired me ....

    1. The original Kindness Rock project is My little town has a big rock group that paints, hides, trades, and keeps ALL different styles of painted rocks. The only qualifier is that they make someone happy! I live right in town, so I hide mine on walks for the little children in the area to find.

    2. Thanks for the link, I'm going straight to it. I think I'll post on social media also to get others involved!!

  3. I love how you combined crocheting with the metal charms (and had to laugh when you wrote you used your fingers, love that!), it turned out lovely! :)

  4. Those charms are perfect with the crochet and I do love that fairy house rock, its finder will be very lucky!

  5. I love your design, I'd wear that all the time! The crochet is the perfect match for the pewter, it looks fantastic!

    Thank you for joining me in the challenge!

  6. Love the idea of the kindness rock. My mom and I collected some rocks last year and were wondering what to do with them. I know now so thanks for sharing

  7. I just love how you created the necklace! For someone who doesn't even own a crochet hook you nailed it;-) Those charms you used are just perfect-that potato fairy is so sweet & the dragon.....I need one of those! Love your idea of painting a kindness rock for this theme. Great idea, I may have to paint some rocks soon.

  8. Awesome sauce. Looks like you and I think very much alike! I also used one of Cynthia's fairies for my necklace. She has some of the best stuff! I love your use of the crochet to get the ethereal feel, which I was also trying to achieve in my piece. I didn't even consider the method you used, but it's so smart. Of course, I'd have to relearn the single stitch. How fun that you learned something new for this challenge. That's always so much fun. Oh, and your rock is perfect. I know it'll be loved by whoever finds it!!

  9. I really, really love your necklace!

  10. Finger crochet, what a brilliant idea

  11. You have a great collection of Cynthia's fairies that you can now wear to show off. I love the idea of painting rocks to make people smile! Well done!

  12. Replies
    1. Yes, I don’t remember the reason why it’s called that, here’s the link to buy one

  13. Loved reading your post the necklace is really lovely.

  14. Teaching yourself to crochet, without a needle no less, is impressive. I learned from my mom when I was pretty young and when I tried to relearn it as an adult, there was some cursing. Your necklace is charming and I adore the fairy house rock, and that you left it to be found.


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