Saturday, September 28, 2019

Art Elements: September 2019 Challenge

September Art Elements Challenge

Wow, it’s been a year since I last used the blog. I always liked using my blog instead of Facebook, I actually held out for quite a while and didn’t get a fb account until years after everyone was using it. Now it seems the lonely challenge left as a blog hop is this one at Art Elements. Don’t take it away from this format, ladies!! I think this is a truer representation of ourselves. Plus, I find people tend to actually comment with sincerity and meaning during a blog hop.

I don’t know why I fell behind with the AE Challenge, I always like seeing the different media that people use as well as jewelry. I need to keep up on these. I can’t wait to see everyones blog and see what they’ve been up to with their past entries. This is one reason I like the blog format... people post real content, not just forwarding memes and funny pictures. Plus, it is much simpler to see what people have been making by going back thru posts, where as fb Groups you can only see that project and to see individual fb posts, for the most part, we must be fb friends.

Do you miss the blog hops?

I am pleasantly surprised at the number of participants of this hop, it seems to me to be one of the larger AE Challenges. Wonder what the attraction was, was it the theme was it the time of year, was it that you too are tired of fb.

What was your motivation to join this month?

I can’t wait to see everyone’s creations! I stuck with my strength and made jewelry.

The first set is made from a kit from Allegory Gallery, the pendant is laser cut by Andrew Thornton and I embellished it with beads wrapped with wire. The earrings were also laser cuts by Andrew Thornton and I used sharpie paint pens to color them. This is my spring set, the colors are bright and green and fresh. I can smell spring when I look at this set!!

The second set has a pendant by Mystic Moon, it is a lovely glass leaf. The colors are hard to see, but it seemed more ‘fallish’ to me. So, for my fall set, I paired it with earrings that I embellished with fall colors from some metallic ink pens I have. There are also polymer clay rounds by Cynthia Thornton that have wonderful fall colors in them. The ceramic rounds are by Golem Studios and they pull together the browns and the greens nicely in the necklace.

The third set is my winter necklace. It represents the evergreens, the deeper richer colors of winter foliage of pines and firs. I don’t know if technically these winter pine and fir needles are considered foliage, but I thought this necklace was a good representation of them. The polymer pendant is by me and was made in a Christy Friesen class using gold leaf on polymer clay. I added the waxed linen to seem like pine needles. The square glass artisan beads right next to the pendant are a mystery to me, so if anyone can identify them, please let me know.

Have fun, hop around and give lots of love!

Here is the blog hop list:
AE Team





  1. All of your pieces are beautiful and I love that you did different ones for different seasons!

  2. Your jewellery is lovely. I think the theme appealed me because I tend to be working on leafy makes at this time of year so I was already in the zone.

  3. Beautiful designs, especillay love the earrings, the colours are gorgeous! Glad you're back blogging again, thanks for coming back to join us for the challenge!

  4. My favorite piece is the last. Your polymer pendant is beautiful and the addition of the waxed linen to seem like pine needles is a great idea. I love the colors and the beads your used also.

  5. I can only agree and so love to see your wonderful work again. I like fb to stay in contact, share Infos fast and easy in a larger group, use the discussion and selling groups... But no, it is difficult to really share something with more depth and a story behind. I think the combination between blogs, fb and Instagram is a nice one for me with the main advantage of blogs to go back to older work so easily.

    Back to this blog post, I love every single piece you made. You always have a wonderful balance between shapes, colors and materials :)

  6. Beautiful designs! I especially love those earrings that you colored with a sharpie! (WHAT!?) Welcome back. I can't wait to what else you have in store.

    1. Hope, I LOVE my Sharpie brand paint pens! They come in super thin tips and they are so easy to work with, unlike some paint pens that goop and stick.

  7. I love the blog posts because you can see the process of how everyone created their pieces and the artist can be more wordy :)

    I love your pieces - I love what you did with the colored sharpies! You are correct - looking at your first necklace I just think of spring especially since we are into fall and heading into winter (the season I truly don't like!).
    Love the colors in your second piece - it makes you think of fall. And your third piece does make you think of the trees in the mountains and how the snow lays perfectly on their branches.
    I think you did an amazing job!

  8. Love your interpretations! I started doing the AE Blog Hops at about the time they started opening for the public. And I'm not disappointed in the friendly, talented, active AE Members & Guests. It's a wonderful format & I'm altogether elated! Alysen

  9. Wonderful winter necklace. I think your rustic leaf pendant is super. And all those chunky green beads must be fun to wear. I loved looking at it. I joined the hop because I like the theme of foliage. I have not been in a blog hop in ages and yes, I do miss them. That was the other reason I joined. Glad you asked.

  10. Oh Alison, your pieces are beautiful but it was fun to see you used that pendant you made in Christi's class!

  11. These are beautiful representations of the foliage of the seasons. I love the embellishments you have made to some of the components and the addition of the waxed linen. That kind of originality is what takes a piece of jewelry from being a collection of beads and components to having your special stamp of creativity and makes it yours.

    I like blogs because they allow the writer/artists to share more deeply and in more detail. FB is like a postcard while well done blog post is like a well written novel. I'm new to the AE challenge (this is my first one) and what got me was the theme as I have a leaf obsession and much of my work is with leaves.

    The work I've seen today has left in awe at the talent and skills of this group and I'm very much looking forward to next month's challenge.

    1. Welcome! These are an amazing group of ladies and everyone is so supportive!

  12. The colors are fantastic, I love all your pieces. And wrapping that leaf with beads is so clever! I, too, prefer blogging to the superficial communication on Facebook and Instagram. Unfortunately, we have to use both to promote our work as they are so popular.

  13. The colors and details are so wonderful. I just love your design sense! :)

  14. I love our spring, fall and winter jewelry collections. The components you chose are perfect for each season. I especially love the laser cut paint pen embellished earrings!!

  15. I love the variety of pieces here. They are all so beautiful.

  16. Lovely pieces Alison...they make me feel like I'm wandering through a woodland :)

  17. Beautiful interpretations of the seasons in your jewelry designs. And I wholeheartedly agree that blogs are better than FB for sharing art like this. I realize many people think blogs are passe or assume no one will take time to read. I think (and hope) there will always be those who prefer to take their time and go deeper into things.

  18. Absolutely gorgeous shades o' green there - and distinguishing leaves (and your jewelry) by season was a nice touch, I love your interpretations!
    I'm with you on blogs - in this scroll-and-forget era, blogs are definitely one of the few places one feels a connection with the author and their content.

  19. I love blog hops based on challenges too. It helps create a community and with AJE it is easy to participate as you can work with any medium. With that said, thanks for showing us your greeny leafy magic. The pieces look great.

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Art Elements: September 2019 Challenge

September Art Elements Challenge Wow, it’s been a year since I last used the blog. I always liked using my blog instead of Facebook, I act...