Thursday, April 30, 2015

Inspired by Reading: Girl Reading

I had a very hard time with the structure of the narrative in this book. I often found myself very confused whether the words were being spoken aloud or thought to themselves or narrated. I admittedly didn't read the whole book, I chose to read the chapter set in current time and make a project based on that.

I LOVE this paragraph and the symbolism of her new shoes...

Here's my imagined pair of heels she had to have...

"...because they belong to her, because she is irrational, because she cannot accept that objects of such unequivocal beauty and expense would break their promise of perfection, because she is a woman, she wears the new shoes to go out again."
"...Are you all right?
Yeah, they're just new.
They're very nice, but you probably shouldn't wear them if they hurt you."
"...inquires after a first-aid kit. Jeannine protests, but the barman efficiently locates and offers blue Band-Aids in various sizes. Grateful in spite of herself, she applies two; they take the edge off the soreness, prevent further friction." 

Here is my tribute to her 'shoes'.

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  1. What a fantastic necklace! I love the colors and that lampwork bead by Keysha is awesome! The tassel gives it that boho vibe that's right on trend! Great job! Thanks so much for participating! I had trouble with it too, but I think I'm going to force myself to revisit it and steam ahead!