Sunday, October 2, 2016

Art Jewelry Elements Reveal

The folks at AJE blog again opened up the challenge for anyone to play along. This month it was a Tree Theme! I had these Humblebeads that I'd been wanting to use, they are an acorn, and some little birdies and some branch beads. Unfortunately, I did not get done in time to post with the reveal, but please take a look at what everyone else did! What a fun challenge! It took me a while to get started because this month I was a little busy with work and crate training our new puppy, so I am glad I got one done. It all came together along with the Sarajo's Honey Do challenge... I used the same piece for both! I know, it's not exactly *illegal*, but it is not something I normally do. I love the challenges each month, they are my muse!! Next month I will be better, I promise!

Why, yes, you CAN see some pictures of my new puppy! His name is Goose.

Hahahahaha! Goose is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and he doesn't sit still.

But I managed a good picture ...


Any way, on to my piece...

Thanks for looking, be sure to check out every one else's piece on Art Jewelry Elements blog.


Sarajo's Honey Do reveal

Well, I did it. I finally finished a September challenge. Here's Sarajo's Challenge for this month...

Here's my interpretation. (I actually will use this for two challenges!)

And again, I did not follow the 'guidelines' and I purchased new beads just for this challenge... the orange and gold rounds are perfect to represent the spray paint. I wanted an autumn feel and I found the decoupage tile in my stash. The blue doesn't match the photo, but it did match some Humblebeads that I had just purchased! So... this will also be my reveal for the AJE Tree Challenge.

Thanks for looking! Hop to see all the other projects on Sarajo's blog!

Also, take a look at my post for Art Jewelry Elements, I didn't make it in time to post with the others, but I had fun writing it anyway!