Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ode to Candie and Ode to Laurel

Candie Cooper might be the cutest thing ever. She's my girl-crush and Laurel and I are definitely ceritifiable stalkers.

So, when she had a kit for sale, I needed to own it. AND I loved it... All my favorites, silk cord, sliced druzy, tassel, and Swarovski bicones! Check it out!

She even included the feather and photograph! Isn't she the best! So here's my Ode to Candie... Who, by the way, we ALMOST kidnapped from Beadfest and brought her home...


My Ode to Laurel starts out with a tale of two radishes. Background: Laurel and I may be (also) slightly obsessed with Jade Scott pendants. Well we are. So there. We may have been going slightly crazy on some de-stashes and Laurel was grabbing them up so fast, she forgot what she already had. Hence, two radish charms. I kept teasing her about what was she gonna do with ONE radish, let alone TWO.!? So, she gifted me a radish. Charm, not a real radish, because you see I don't eat radishes or many (any) other vegetables. So now what am I going to do with a radish charm! Well I made it a mission at Beadfest to find some thing to do with the radish...

Here is my Ode to Laurel

I found a carrot by Joan Miller, a gourd by a new to me artist Louise Mchaffey, a clasp by C-Koop. The mushroom and Golems are from a destash. The donut glass beads are from last Beadfest and the rest, well there's this little place called Allegory Gallery. (As an aside: I don't eat any of the vegetables featured on this necklace. Yuck.)


Monday, August 22, 2016

Sarajo's Honey Do August

Thanks to Sarajo for letting us play along with her Honey Do Challenge! Her hubby Eric gives her a staring point to use up some of her bead stash and this month it was a photo he took while visiting us at Allegory Gallery for Creative Camp 2016. They went on a hike to see a natural bog and the carnivorous plants were in bloom. These are a species of pitcher plant.

This was a difficult color challenge for me. I wasn't thrilled with the mix that Andrew put together, the red wasn't right, it was too orange.
I am not thrilled with the red I chose either, it's too pink.
I do like the bracelet nevertheless. I used a seed bead mix that I've used before along with the Czech glass daggers and rounds. For the focal there is a Humblebeads bird, an Outwest glass donut, two recycled glass bottle beads, vintage plastic round and vintage plastic donut.

It was hard to keep it from looking too Christmassy with all the red and green, but with the bird and dagger beads I think that helped.

Check out Sarajo's blog for more!


Sunday, August 7, 2016

Art Bead Scene August Challenge!

I know I say this every time, but this is my favorite challenge! I love to dig thru my art beads and / or scour etsy for the perfect beads to perfectly match! Thanks always to Art Bead Scene for hosting.
Here is this months art:  Park Near Lu - Paul Klee artist. It's a depiction of a park near Lucerne, Switzerland. I am especially fond of this piece because I have been to Lucerne Switzerland. So very possibly I may have been to this very park that Mr. Klee is painting. If you look squinty eyed and use your imagination you can see the pathways that meander through the park. Plus all the colorful flora and fauna that line the paths. I focused on the warm colors of the pinks/oranges/peaches/yellows for my necklace. Maybe I will make another focused on the cool colors?

I knew I would use my new Humblebeads for this, they are a fun disk shape and they have the perfect pink and peach colors with black. I also have been wanting to redo a piece with my Joan Miller mermaid pendant in the perfect shade of pink. Next I dug out some Barbara Bechtel faceted polymer clay rounds that I've had for a few years! OH, then I remembered I got a de-stash bag from Andrew Thornton which had a perfect lampwork glass bead by Joyce Rooks, I barely had to admire its beauty before I put it to work in this new creation!

My new favorite way of photographing jewelry is using Jes MaHarry's new coloring book as background. It's perfect for most of my creations! I hope I do her justice! Go and buy her book!

While the others haven't posted yet, visit the ABS site to check out the Pinterest site for all the new additions daily! Then check back on the 31st of August for the re-cap! 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Art Jewelry Elements:July CoM

Hello all!

Welcome the the July Component of the Month reveal! This month two lucky people won an ammonite pendant from Leslie Watt! When I saw she had more for sale, I just HAD to buy one and play along. I may be addicted to jewelry challenges, no that's wrong... I AM addicted to jewelry challenges. :-)

Click back to the original blog post to read about the challenge. Here's what she had to say about the pendants:

This pendant set is made fromstoneare clay which have been sandwiched together to create a beautiful layered effect. The clay has been fired twice to create the finished product. The clay is fired slowly for 12+ hours to temperatures in excess of 1000Âșc to vitrify (harden) the clay. The beads are then painted with 3 layers of glaze and refired for another 9+ hours to complete the vitrification process and melt the glaze to the beautiful finished colours you see here...a slow and labour intensive process but well worth the effort.

The first thing I noticed about the 'in real life' pendant was the color of the glazes... Beautiful. There is a sandy, stoney quality to the base color and I wanted to pick up the pink color that is mottled throughout.

I knew I wanted a random assortment of beads and I stuck with natural materials (although there is one Raku bead and a Golem bead) to honor the real ammonite Leslie used to make the mold for these pendants.

I would love honest feedback! How is the flow of the necklace? Are the pinks too 'much'? Does it lie/lay okay when worn? Thanks for the comments! I look up to each and every one of you and your artistic eye!

If you're new to the Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month, check out the blog for NEXT MONTHS challenge... Everyone is invited to play along with this one as well!

Here's this month's list of artists that created with the ammonite pendant!


Sandi Volpe

Claire Fabian

Alison Herrington

AJE team

Lesley Watt

Caroline Dewison

Niky Sayers

Susan Kennedy

Jen Cameron

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Lindsay Starr

Monday, July 25, 2016

Sarajo's Honey Do List Reveal

This is such a fun blog hop! It was great to see Sarajo and Eric again when they were in for Creative Camp at Allegory Gallery! This month Eric challenged Sarajo (and anyone else who loves a challenge) to another photo challenge... here's what he had to say:

"I'm a huge fan of the beauty to be found in nature, especially that hidden within the depths of the earth.  The random patterns of these stone pendants are a work of art unto themselves--some abstract, others more defined.  The challenge this month is to incorporate such a patterned natural stone into your jewelry!"

Here's his awesome photo inspirations: 

Isn't this a fabulous challenge!! Especially for me, I tend toward solid colors of rocks and gems and beads. BUT, that means that I should have plenty of these patterned rocks in my stash to use for this challenge! 
I DID! I have had this set of beads since my very early days of jewelry making, I could never figure out how to get the most bang for my buck. Well now I have! YAY! Check this necklace out!

Here are a couple close ups...

Have fun blog hopping around and spread the love!!
Sarajo's Blog HERE.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Halcraft Pretty Palettes: July

Yay! Another gorgeous idea from Erin P-H and Halcraft! Her inspiration this month... find beads that remind you of the July night sky. Here's her inspiration photo she found.

Here are her inspiration beads...

Here are the beads I picked from Bead Gallery from Michael's... I used two of the same strands and found these iridescent shells that I had to have.

I focused on the purples and blues and the shine of the stars.
I strung all that with some Swarovski crystals and purple pearls. Then I knotted on silk with the Bead Gallery pearls and crystals.  Here is my night sky necklace...

Check out Halcraft's Blog and The Pretty Palette Challenge! Give everyone some love!

Art Bead Scene July

This month, for Art Bead Scene, the inspiration was a Japanese woodblock print of fireworks over Sumida River, with Ryogkoku Bridge in the foreground. I found a couple different prints from the same woodblock to show how enormously difference each print can be.  I think this first picture is colorized as well.

Here's the one Erin from Art Bead Scene picked...

I love that Andrew Thornton has a pendant to fit almost every one of my challenges! This is one that reminds me of fireworks.  I also have a little stash of Julie Miller Glass little glass roundels and I had two in the same shade of redish orange. I had some orphan glass disks from Outwest Glass which both fit the color scheme perfectly. From my stash I had some carved something-or-another in the blue/green/grey shade and I rounded it all out with some blue dumortierite and opal.
As always, I really enjoy this challenge! Thanks Art Bead Scene!