Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Jade Challenge!

Andrew Thornton (The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton) had this amazing faceted round dyed Jade for sale at Allegory Gallery (Allegory Gallery — Store Home). We all fell in LUV with it! It was cotton candy colors in two different sizes.

Soooo, Laurel bought one strand of each color, then gave me half... Then we BOTH gave Zach all that we had left when we finished our projects. So we kind of had an impromptu "Jade Challenge by Friends of Allegory Gallery". (no, this group doesn't exist... you can't join... I just made it up right now)

So here's what we all made...

First up is Zach's piece:

He strung a super long necklace with awesome triangle silver spacers and clear faceted rounds.

Next up is Laurel's necklace:

She also strung a looooong necklace and she used beautiful Czech glass and a Saki clasp.

And here is mine:

I made a beaded tassel and knotted mine on silk thread (and managed to find yet another reason to use a Green Girl Studios piece!)

Thanks Andrew for inspiring us and having such amazing beads to work with!


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