Thursday, February 23, 2017

Artbead Scene: February 2017

Wow, this piece of art was FILLED with inspiration! I finished two pieces, but I had sketches for another one, that I still may finish! Here is the piece, It is called 'The Two Crowns' and it took me a few looks before I saw the second crown (of thorns). But what captured me was the colors of the ladies dresses and how the artist managed to capture the feel of the fabric.

My first piece is inspired by the horses reins...
I used charms by Andrew Thornton. He made these of polymer clay and the finish is AMAZING! They sparkle like the coins on the horses reins.

My second piece was inspired by this corner with the rose petals, the blue/green gown and the tapestry hanging.
I used a connector by Jade Scott (retired) and a polymer rose by an artist I found on etsy called Ordinary Women, but it is no longer active. Plus some ceramic funky rounds by Andrew Thornton.
Plus, two glass head pins by Ren Farnsworth!

Yay! Thanks for looking, check out all the links to the artists, and check out the blog ArtBeadScene!


  1. Most excellent!!!!
    Love the piece with Andrew's faux roman glass!
    And of course, ANYTHING Jade Scott...

  2. Oh, these are beautiful! I love how you incorporated the look of the coins into your first necklace. The art beads in the second necklace are amazing! I just want to look at each one up close!

  3. Sweet colours and interpretations of the theme. There was so much to pick on wasn't there

  4. I really like your designs: the way your joined the chain with the beaded wire; and also your focal bead in the 2nd pair with the suspended bead charms. They definitely drew my attention. Also, perfect color palette for the challenge!


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