Sunday, May 24, 2015

Andrew Thornton's Sweet Honey kit challenge

This kit was filled to the brim with beautiful honey colors! Thanks to Andrew for an amazing array of Amber colored beads!

I found an awesome bronze bee at Allegory Gallery and used the Mystery Component from Andrew to make this asymmetrical necklace...
Here's a beautiful closeup of the bee and honeycomb...
Be sure to visit Andrew's blog to see the blog hop! I'll post the list as soon as it is up! Share some blog love!

 Carole Carlson

Andrew Thornton, Kate Enniss-Reid, and Sandi Bass





  1. So beautiful, I love the diversity, my eyes keep running around the necklace for all the details.

  2. I love your necklace! It's so perfect how you've combined larger beads with multiple strands of smaller beads. I would wear this all the time!

  3. That bee was such a perfect find, Alison! I'm so impressed with your necklace... loving the way you have that one section multi-strand and how you used the mystery component. Yummy!

  4. Your necklace is stunning! I love the asymmetrical look.

  5. Beautiful necklace, love how you put three strands in part of it.

  6. I love Asymmetrical Necklaces, yours is just fab.

  7. Fabulous! I love the proportions of this necklace. The visual impact of the polymer clay piece is balanced by the girth of the multi-strand. The bee carries the eye around the piece and is playful touch! The necklace is a beauty! Thanks so much for playing along!


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