Thursday, April 28, 2016

Art Jewelry Elements: Component of the Month

Time for an Art Jewelry Elements COM reveal! Here were some amulet vessels that Jenny Davies-Reazor made. I saw them at Beadfest and knew I had to play along. I said go big or go home and got the biggest one here.
Here are some amulet vessels I found pictures of...
This next one was to hold liquid... Poison perhaps?
Well I needed to fill my vessel first with amulety type things... I looked up and found that amulets are to ward off bad things and talismans are to bring good luck. So, cloves it is. They are worn to ward away evil spirits plus they smell good!
I used evil eye manik-manik beads from Indonesia ( the colors were perfect! ) some leather and wood plus sari silk to finish it off.
Then I had to seal my vessel so the stuff inside didn't fall out! So, I wire wrapped in a way that mimics the bottom of the vessel.
Thanks to the AJE team and all the guests that played along!
Take a look at everyone's blog and comment!


Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio

Alison of Alison Adorns

Jess of The Copper Cat

Brooke from Artistic Endeavors


AJE Team:












  1. I love it!!!
    Especially since I was with you when you got it! You are so creative and by the way, that is a great set of Manik Manik beads you used with it.

    1. Also, do you see the timestamp on my comment?!?!? 911! Bahahahahaha

  2. I love that you filled your piece and then sealed it up with wire! Great job!

  3. Love everything about this. It's beautiful. Love that you put cloves in it.

  4. Great designs... I love those beads, and what a fabulous idea to fill it before using it, I bet it's lovely to wear!

  5. What a fun take on the scent vessel - I love the idea of using spices! Plus those eye beads ... spectacular! Thank you for playing along with us this month!

  6. Hi Alison! Loved your research, and your post! Great job making the top of the amulet mimic the bottom! Thanks so much for playing along! I read through some of your other posts as well - love your fun style and fun jewelry!

  7. Using cloves is a great idea :) love your wire wrapping on the top and the sari silk!

  8. I love the direction you took your design and the idea that it's a closed vessel hiding something inside is great. Great bead choices as well - it has a real Shamanic vibe to me - vey nice work. :0)

  9. I love how the top mimics the shape of the bottom and how much thought you clearly put into you piece! A wonderful and striking piece of art.

  10. What a fabulous and clever put meaningful stuff inside that no one will ever see and only you know about (unless you tell someone what's inside). Wonderful job, thanks for participating in this month's design challenge!

  11. WOW! I love how you researched and put so much thought into this challenge. Wonderful creation!

  12. Brilliant! ( Sorry I am so late.) The cloves will smell through he wirework! The top shape echoes the bottom - perfect! I am thrilled it inspired research and "homework" heh heh. Thats the type of thing I would be doing to! Great beads! Great piece! Thank you so much for participating!

  13. I am also excited to see pieces by Parrish Relics in your post ( the glass vials, pix 3) I am personally acquainted with the artist and have adored her work for years.


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